Kinross-shire Fund
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The Kinross-shire Fund is a local charity launched in 2006 dedicated to helping make Kinross-shire a better place to live.

We aim to raise funds from individuals, companies and groups which are then used to make grants to local projects and voluntary organisations making a real difference to life in Kinross-shire,

Some of the funds raised are invested for the future to enable the Kinross-shire Fund to respond to community needs in the years to come.


Deadlines for applications

Applications should be submitted by 5pm on the first Monday of February, May, August and November.

Why do we need a Kinross-shire Fund?

Although all of us would agree that Kinross-shire is a wonderful place to live in, there will always be scope to improve our community services and facilities. The Kinross-shire Fund aims to provide a focal point that our community can rally round and support, enabling us to address local issues such as supporting the elderly and young people, community infrastructure and regeneration.

Why should I support the Fund?

Have you thought about giving something back to our community but been unable or unsure how to? Often it is hard to decide whose need is the greatest, and where your gift can really make a difference. Understandably, you will want to be confident that your money is being used wisely. Our advisers will help us to investigate areas of need and ensure grant applications are genuine but they will also monitor the projects as they take effect to make sure the money is well spent and that the community is benefiting as planned.